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  • Abingdon Council News: GREAT WAR PROPAGANDA

    From 6th October to 23rd December 2018

    Exhibition open Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 4pm.

  • Abingdon Council News: Mission Space will take Abingdon fair to new heights

    The organisers of next week's Abingdon Michaelmas Fun Fair are promising a bigger and better version of one of last year's hit attractions. Mission Space will replace the Sky Fly ride on Ock Street, towering 40 metres (130 feet) high. For two days only – Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th – riders will be able to enjoy an exhilarating experience as they are twirled high over the rooftops of the Oxfordshire town.

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  • Abingdon Council News: 100th Commemoration of the World War One Armistice

    100th Commemoration of the World War One Armistice

    Please see below a list of events organised by the Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council to commemorate the First World War Centenary. 

  • Abingdon Council News: Abingdon Michaelmas and Runaway Fairs come to town!

    Abingdon Michaelmas Fair will take place on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th October from 12 noon to 11pm each day.  The Michaelmas Fair is the longest street fair in Europe, running from the Market Place, through the High Street, The Square and the full length of Ock Street.  This historic street fair has its origins in the shortage of labour following  the Black Death of 1348/9.  The Fair was a hiring fair, the equivalent of today's

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  • Abingdon Council News: Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames Civic Service

    The Mayor of Abingdon-on-Thames, Cllr Margaret Crick, will be holding her Civic Service at 10:30 AM on Sunday 9th September in St Helens Church, Abingdon.

    The Service will be led by the Rector of Abingdon, Dr Charles Miller.

    All are welcome to attend the service.

  • Abingdon Council News: August Bank Holiday bin collection changes

    Please see below we have received from The Vale of White Horse District Council - 

    Householders are being reminded by Vale of White Horse District Council of changes to their bin collections during the week following Bank Holiday Monday.

    There will be no bin collections on Bank Holiday Monday 27 August. Everyone’s bins will then be collected one day later than usual.

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  • Abingdon Council News: IT issues at Town Council

    The Council has been experiencing IT problems and in particular the receipt of e-mails. No e-mails were received by addresses on Tuesday 7th August or this morning until 12 noon(Wednesday 8th August) and there was further problem until 3pm. The matter has now been resolved.

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  • Buckinghamshire: Ensuite Room in shared house all bills included £550 pcm High Wycome

    Ensuite Room in shared house all bills included £550 pcm High Wycome

    West Wycombe Road.HIGH WYCOMBE Large room with ensuite. Shared kitchen with two others,

    All bills included-Free WI-FI-Free parking-Use of garden

    £550 pcm

    contact form

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  • Abingdon Council News: AAAHS 50th Anniversary - Gallery Talks

    From Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th July 2018 -  (11:30 am - 2:15 pm)

    For fifty years the Abingdon Archaeological and Historical Society has been at the forefront of research into the town’s past. Its members have excavated sites, examined historic buildings, and scoured archives.

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  • Abingdon Council News: Notice of Public Rights

    Abingdon-on-Thames Town Council has published its Notice of Public Rights and Publication of Unaudited Annual Governance & Accountability Return for the year ended 31st March 2018. The public inspection period for the accounts begins Monday 2nd July and ends Friday 10th August 2018. The Annual Return and supporting financial statements are available for inspection at the Roysse Court Offices.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Armello Review - Nintendo Switch Update

    [Editor's Note: We have updated this review to reflect our experiences with Armello's Nintendo Switch version]

    Armello's hybrid of tactics, dice-rolling, and political intrigue has aged better than expected in the three years since its release, and on Nintendo Switch, the game is almost as formidable as it is on PC. Its charming blend of animal kingdom hijinks and turn-based strategy gameplay has yet to be replicated by a newer, flashier title; Armello has definitely held up well, and its uniqueness is undeniable. However, there are a few major differences between PC version and Switch releases, and not all of them are positive.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Starlink: Battle for Atlas Review - Endless Space

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a game about flying through space, exploring new planets, and shooting a lot of aliens. Set in a seamless open-world galaxy, it sees you pushing back occupying forces by battling enemies, setting up outposts, and completing simple tasks set by your allies. For better and worse, it's a distinctly Ubisoft game, from the huge spaces (seven separate planets and the vast depths of space that separate them) to the maps overloaded with activities. But thankfully, Starlink is not quite so full that it feels bloated--just full enough so that there's always something for you to be working towards.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Child of Light Review

    There are times I want to be sad, when I'd rather be all alone, quietly thinking about my life, or hugging a loved one to forget about the day's trouble. Child of Light embraces that melancholy beautifully and its various elements cultivate a doleful mood. From the overgrown foliage threatening to overtake the neglected environments to the tired inhabitants wasting away their days, there's a somber tone that permeates this storybook adventure. I was struck by that desperation in the whimsical poetry of the dialogue; conversations are constructed with overtly meticulous rhymes that betray the bewilderment building below the surface. And the docile piano melody made my heart all the heavier.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: The Missing Review - Lost And Found

    The games of Hidetaka Suehiro (better known as Swery) impart a distinctly identifiable creative vision. He revels in grounding you in the mundane before throwing you off balance with a moment of absurd humor or plunging you into a sequence of fantastical horror. Before you know it, that ground has opened up and swallowed you whole. The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories feels smaller and less ambitious than his most recent works, Deadly Premonition or D4, but it could not be mistaken for anything other than a Swery game.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Luigi's Mansion Review - Old Haunts

    Luigi's Mansion was a curious launch title for the GameCube back in 2001, and it's even more curious as an end-of-life title for the 3DS. It's got the feel of an eccentric mid-generation release, a July stopgap to keep you going while you wait for the next major title. But Nintendo's faith in Luigi's Mansion, which has taken on a cult status over the years and has a second sequel due to release on Switch next year, isn't misplaced--the game still has a lot of charm.

    Luigi's Mansion sees Mario's put-upon younger brother exploring a mansion after receiving a letter telling him that he won it in a contest. He arrives to find that not only is the mansion haunted and full of ghosts, but that Mario received a similar letter and has not been seen since he entered.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: My Memory of Us Review - War Has Changed

    My Memory of Us, a game by Polish developer Juggler Games that focuses on the plight of two Polish children during a robot uprising, serves as a thin allegory for World War II, and obviously means well. This is important, as a version of My Memory of Us that didn't have its heart in the right place would be a disaster. This puzzle platformer aims to pay tribute to the Polish citizens who lost their lives during the Nazi occupation, especially those that provided shelter and help to the people around them, and the game feels like it intends to be respectful, especially in the collectible "memories" that tell you more about the real-world people who inspired the game. Unfortunately, the good intentions of My Memory Of Us are obscured by dull gameplay and poor metaphors.

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  • Game Spot Reviews: Pathfinder: Kingmaker Review - The Classics

    While there have been many, many attempts to translate the tabletop roleplaying experience to the PC and console, more often than not it hasn't quite worked out. One of the biggest struggles in transitioning a traditional tabletop RPG into the quicker, imminently more binge-able video game form is incorporating a complex ruleset faithfully. Hypothetically speaking, with the right combo of spells and skills, a tabletop campaign can get utterly bizarre, with players collaborating to do things like using effectively unlimited ammunition to shoot through a mountain. These kinds of solutions are impossible in video games, where destructible environments and the difficulty of coding different possibilities necessarily limits the ways you can interact with the game.

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